Neretva Rafting

Rafting, on any river, is a one time experience. We want to assure you that the rafting on Neretva river, in our organization, will be a memorable experience full of fun, that you’ll always remember. Prepare yourself for one fulfilled day, permeated with laughter, adrenaline, scents and tastes of traditional Bosnian cuisine… More info

Tito’s bunker

To be familiar with any country you first have to learn it’s history. Comrade Tito, a lifelong president of the famous Yugoslavia, was a really important part in history of Konjic region, same as in history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Josip Broz Tito was known by his love of Konjic region and its surrounding, and in that tone he left a legacy to all new generation in form of his secret shelter popularly known as Tito’s bunker DO ARK… More info

Jablaničko lake cruise

Jablaničko lake is situated between cities of Konjic and Jablanica and it offers great opportunities for relaxation in nature, cruises, swimming and fly fishing. Beauty of the lake itself is mostly reflected at the nature that surrounds it and river that it’s forming it, the Neretva river. Join us at the lake cruise, visit best beaches, enjoy in tasteful lunch and great atmosphere. More info

Boračko lake - Camp ‘Borašnica’

Spend an unforgettable week at Camp Borašnica that is located at Boračko lake, enjoy the nature, relax at a private beach, take a swim and use the opportunity to make some memories. Boračko lake is known as a „mountain eye“ of Konjic region, for a reason and it provides a great possibilities for an ideal vacation for families and groups of people… More info