Neretva River

Since ancient times the Neretva had allowed progress and growth of the human community, and not to mention Neretva when talking about Herzegovina, it would be the same as not mentioning river Nile when writing about Egypt.

This turquoise gem has created fertile fields from Glavaticevo to Doljani, making the region the habitat for much of the flora and fauna. The Neretva River springs in the area of Borca, Zelengora Mountain and like all rivers in Bosnia flows towards the north, in this case, more precisely, to the northwest. In the upper course of the river finds its way between the massifs Visocica and Bjelasnica in the north and massive Crvanj and Prenj in the south. It flows through canyons and a few fertile valleys.

Unlike other rivers in Bosnia, Neretva fails to penetrate further north, passing north of the massif Prenj river turns south where it merges with river Rama. It then makes its way through the canyons between Cvrsnica and Prenja to Mostar Valley where it loses the character of a rapid mountain river. Neretva then gently meanders through Capljina and even further to the delta between the Croatian towns Metkovic and Ploce, where it flows into the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

Neretva river, rapid, sparkling, green, clear ... Mountain river Neretva, which in one part, in the canyon upstream from Konjic, provides a unique experience for rafters looking for adrenaline.

Track length for rafting on the Neretva from Glavatičevo to Konjic is about 23 km with beautiful canyons and waterfalls, which are visible during the descent. Opening of the fishing season on the Neretva river is 1.04. and the closure is 1.11. during the year. Since it is rich in fish it is visited by a lot of anglers from throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the lower course of the Neretva River where rafting ends in the village Džajići 4 km from Konjic is a beach that is visited during the season.

Blue-green, clean, and fast, yet supple, the Neretva River, one of the pearls given to us…
Consistently proudly hugged by the mountains Prenj and Čvrsnica, Neretva is flowing with its majestic beauty, combining playful waterfalls, and telling the stories of some ancient and of our times, willing to meet those who come.

The ancient Romans knew the treasure that Neretva holds. They called it Nera - Etva, the divine river. On its banks they built homes.

Among hydrological jewels Džajića cascade on the river Neretva is one of the most beautiful.
Therefore there are many reasons that these regions found themselves back in the old European tourist guides.

Rafting on the Neretva is the closest encounter with its overall beauty. On the twenty kilometers long way, from Glavatičevo to the village Džajići, you will see and experience the unique sights of the magnificent pristine harmony of nature. Rapids and waterfalls, emerald bed of the canyon, where the blue sky rests on white rocks, beaches , fish and birds, the sound of nature, it will cause you elation and utter joy in meeting with unseen and unexperienced.

It will be a memorable day, full of sunlight from dusk to night, day with Neretva, day with your dear friends and colleagues, a day full of useful companionship, relaxation and pleasure. The excitement starts from the early morning while preparing for rafting. Warm welcome from the host, table with breakfast and a variety of traditional local cuisine, a bit of laughter and impatience before it starts, photographing and agreement, then, the call to start dressing rafting equipment. Proper clothing, protective vests and helmets, divided by useful guidance and suggestions ... Tidbit jitters and questionable view towards all these things and along the way, spoken and unspoken questions, do you have everything necessary, and is it dangerous?! Professional skippers explaining the details with a smile, while busily preparing to transport boats, paddles and other equipment needed for rafting. They don’t forget photo cameras either because everything has to be recorded on a CD-beam images to the end of the day as a gift to be shared and memories for all guests.

And now, everything is ready to start an adventure. At the sign of departure, passengers will board the bus that will take them to Glavatičevo where rafting begins.

Fifty minutes drive along the steep fast flowing bends in a good and pleasant atmosphere, helpful explanations from theaccompanying guide and giving the last instructions.

Arrival at Glavatičevo and getting the boats ready for the trip. The rowing starts lightly, the story and the song. Soon relaxation and mild intoxication begins, everything disappears, only she, the river flows .. The peaceful sound of water, the surrounding lush greenery, the sun that caresseses and the clean air that you breathe.

The Neretva feels you're ready for a little excitement and a bit of competition with its liveliness and unpredictability. The impatience, will you successfully overcome its playful aquatic ambush? ... And you are ready, especially when skilled skippers cheer you with their safety and visual experience. Then you stroke stronger and stronger. Squeak like a child of joy and enthusiasm, and then the river again calmly leads to the next obstacle.

The Neretva wants to show you all her beauty including her neighbour Rakitnica. Both of them offer a beautiful big beach. Already playful, some would dare to take a leap into the blue-green water and its depth from the nearby cliffs.

Skippers invite to board the boats and continue this unique water travel, promising more excitement, by comforting those who regret to leave this beautiful oasis of pleasure, where they have rested.

Soon, the canyon "Proplav" opens its doors, behind which again your breath is being taken before the overall beauty.

Somewhere in the middle of the canyon the lovely waterfalls "Gemini" await, where stopping and photographing is almost obligatory. Sailing the emerald river. Between dreams, joy, song and laughter, boats are sailing.

And here follows the last, Džajić Buk! This cascade is the most challenging.. As they say, save the best for last.

Arriving at the village DŽAJIĆ late in the afternoon and the rafting ends, but not the day of the Neretva. Once you have after got ou of the boat, and changed into some dry and warm clothes, it's time for delicious dining.

The beautiful and friendly atmosphere on the terrace by the river. You will be welcomed with kindness and warm hospitality of your hosts, varied and delicious traditional cuisine, but also good fun.

If you wish to stay longer, we are offering a spacious and comfortably furnished hostel with stunning views of the river and complete auxiliary services.

It will be a unique adventure told in the language of nature and good people, where the Neretva welcomes travelers. Invigorates and energizes. And inspires.

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