Olympic mountains Igman, Bjelasnica and Jahorina

Igman is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina . Located southwest of Sarajevo , surrounding Bjelašnica mountain and part of Ilidža . Igman 's highest point is 1502 meters high , which in turn puts Igman as one of the lowest Sarajevo mountains . Igman is a popular destination for hiking and skiing. During the 14th Winter Olympics , Igman was together with Jahorina and Bjelasnica, one of the main venues . There is still plenty of facilities on Igman dating from that time, but most are destroyed during the last war . Currently there are plans for a new lift between Igman and Ilidža - Hrasnica . Today Igman is one of the leading tourist attractions in the area of Sarajevo.

Bjelasnica is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, located southwest of the city of Sarajevo. Like neighboring Jahorina and Bjelasnica of Dinaric Alps. At the highest point (2067 meters above sea level ) there is a significant weather station, which is the highest permanently inhabited point in Bosnia and Herzegovina . Average annual temperature is only 0.7°C , due to the extremely low winter temperatures . The maximum temperature reaches 24°C, and the lowest -41°C. During the summer it is covered with green grass and in the winter with up to 3m high snow. Plateau of Bjelasnica is surrounded by mountains Bjelasnica in the north, Treskavica in the East, Visočica in the south and Obalj mountain in the west. River Rakitnica separates the mountains Bjelasnica and Visočica and leads other streams such as Tušiočki stream to the Neretva river. During the 14th Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, many sport and touristic facilities were built on Bjelasnica , most of them are still in use today. It is important to mention the TV tower, which has been destroyed during the aggression on Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Jahorina is a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina (a part of Dinaric Alps) . The highest peak is Ogorjelica 1,916 m above sea level. As other mountains in the region, Jahorina in the summer is covered with green grass and in the winter with up to 3 m high snow. Jahorina extends from 43°39' to 43°47' north latitude and 18°31' and 18°43 east longitude . Outstanding terrain configuration, good quality snow, suitable climate, 20 miles of trails for alpine skiing and gentle slopes (Paradise Valley ) contributed that this mountain is among the finest and most famous ski centers . The average number of days with snow on Jahorina is 175, from October to the end of May. Ten-year average height of snow in February is 106 cm. On 14th Winter Olympics in Sarajevo , ski disciplines for women were held on Jahorina. Jahorina is from Sarajevo, 30km away , and from Pale 15km away .

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